How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Intuition

Whether you call it your intuition, your gut feeling, or your instinct, your life is speaking to you: are you listening?

If you want to experience greater peace, increased fulfillment, and a stronger sense of self, improve your relationship with your intuition – that little voice within you that guides you to live a life in alignment with your highest values. You’ll know you have a great relationship with your intuition when you can identify it, when you listen to it, and when you take action on it.

For many people, the biggest challenge is in recognizing intuition. Afterall, it’s only one of the chorus of voices speaking to you and can be tough to distinguish from your emotions, the voice of reason, or that pesky little bugger known as “fear”. The more you develop your relationship with your intuition, the easier it will be to recognize when it is speaking to you. Here are some markers that your intuition is offering you guidance in making decisions:

  • There is not a logical explanation for the decision
  • The decision does not change depending on your mood
  • The thought of making that decision gets your knees knocking
  • You believe it’s the right course of action despite what others say
  • It’s not the most convenient or easiest action to take
  • Your intuition is not concerned with what’s easiest, what sounds the most logical to your family and friends, or what will be most comfortable. Instead, your inner-wisdom guides you to live the best life possible according to your highest values.

    Improving your relationship with your intuition will improve your life exponentially, and it all starts with recognizing it. Start paying attention to the guidance you are receiving; learn what it sounds like and what it feels like. Once you do this, you will be empowered to act on your intuition and experience greater certainty when making decisions. You will be able to tap into the greatest resource of wisdom there is: you!

    5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Body Now

    One of the most important relationships you have is the one with your body. This relationship affects many areas of your life, including your health, emotional well-being, and the way you relate to others. Whether you want to improve upon an already-healthy relationship or need to start by finding something you even like about your body, here are 5 action steps you can take to love your body now.

    1. Tell the critic to take a hike

    Chances are that you are your biggest critic and may say things to yourself and about yourself that are not supporting you in having a healthy relationship with your body. Pay attention to your internal dialog and make sure it’s positive.

    Just as the “I am” is the foundation upon which PSI Seminars is built, it is truly the seed from which our lives grow. What are your “I am” statements about your body? Tell the critic to take a hike, and only use positive “I am” statements that are in alignment with a healthy body image. Continue reading 5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Body Now…

    Responsibly Clearing Upsets

    Even in the happiest and healthiest of relationships, there are going to be upsets from time to time. Learning to clear those upsets and move forward without any residual resentment is the key to keeping your relationships in a state of growth. Follow this 3-step process to easily improve your relationships.

    1. Acknowledge How You Feel

    When you experience an emotion that you consider negative, take the time to get the the root of the upset and acknowledge what you feel and why you feel that way. For example, if you’re upset with a friend who is constantly late, you may feel disrespected because it feels as though she does not value your time. The more clear you are, the easier it will be to communicate your feelings. Continue reading Responsibly Clearing Upsets…

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