The Secret to Creating Great Relationships

The Secret to Great Relationships

Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Download this very special episode of the PSI Podcast with PSI Seminars co-founder Jane C. Willhite, as she shares her secrets to creating great relationships. For over 40 years Jane has been teaching PSI Seminars graduates how to communicate effectively with others. On this call you will have the opportunity to explore the impact your energy has on communication and how you can send a message without ever saying a word.

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Learning to Dream Again

You have probably been setting goals since you were a young child.  It is natural for a child to dream about what they will be when they grow up – to imagine themselves as astronauts or ballerinas.  A child is not born naturally fearful.  They believe that all things are possible. So what happened? Why do we lack such belief as we age?

Our dreams are tempered many times by those around us.  When we are little they smile indulgently, but as we get older they will oftentimes admonish us to be more “realistic”.  Unfortunately, they use the idea of reality in the wrong way. As we grow we have unlimited potential. So the reality they speak of is their vision of your future. It is reality based on their experiences though none of those have happened to you yet. They are fearful of seeing you fail so they admonish you to dull down your dreams and live within their idea of possibilities. Continue reading Learning to Dream Again…

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