Happy Holidays from JC Willhite -December 2011

Special Holiday Message from JC Willhite

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.
~ Henry David Thoreau

The holidays can be mixed with new and old relationships, friends and family. How can you navigate this season with a sense of joy and of good will toward everyone you interact with?

On this special Holiday episode of the PSI Seminars Podcast, you’ll hear directly from PSI cofounder JC Willhite… hear the episode at www.psiseminarspodcast.com


You Matter!

By bestselling author Holly Riley
A Holiday invitation to you dear human! In appreciation for the gift you are. With a very simple, yet profound intention we can each add to the collective peace on the planet. This year, when sitting with family and friends we can decide to listen, observe, and BE with them, without any critical thoughts of how they “should be” or “could be” better people. We can commit to connecting with whoever is in front of us in present time – free of the past with respect for the path they chose to learn from. We can be kind in our thinking by realizing they, just like us, are forever reaching to feel better about themselves, be acknowledged, and cared for. We could be more cognizant of the reality that everyone is taught how to succeed at life in different ways; some by how they look, some by what they have, and some even gather attention by noble suffering. We can give something precious this year, something that will last a very long time and multiply itself like magic… simply by slowing down, listening, and appreciating where each of us are in our learning process. Continue reading You Matter!…

Operation Dream Toy Drive

San Francisco PSI Seminars graduates united with SFPD to raise over $12,000 and collect over 3,000 toys for children in need. There were over 100 volunteers and 30 police officers. Even the Chief of Police was there!

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