PSI Seminars Las Vegas Gives Fay Herron Elementary a Splash of Color, Creativity and Caring

On July 23-24, 2011, in Las Vegas, 92 PSI Seminars alumni and staff gathered together to give Fay Herron Elementary School a splash of color and creativity.

For over 20 years, PSI Seminars Las Vegas graduates have been giving back to the community via the PSI World non-profit organization. Since 2006, PSI World Las Vegas has been focused entirely on the children in our community.

In December 2011, we will be providing much-needed essentials including shoes, clothing and food to the children of Fay Herron Elementary School.

Did you participate in this event? Tell us about your experience and discuss it with others who did on our PSI Seminars Facebook page.

2 Simple Ways to Have More Energy and Less Stress at Work

Work can often be associated with negative images of stress, tension, multitasking, and deadlines.  Since we spend so much of our day on the job, why not transform the space into a workplace that looks good, feels good, and is empowering to whomever enters it?

First, organize your desk top.  Clutter creates stagnation, reduces your effectiveness, and leaves you feeling lethargic and confused.  First thing each morning and at the end of each day, make sure your desk top is clutter free.

Another tip is check your posture.  While sitting for long periods of time, you may find your posture and mood in a slump. These 7 steps on improving your posture will relieve your aching muscles and lift your spirits in seconds:

  1. Sit toward the front of your chair, away from the back support.
  2. Straighten your back and tuck your chin.
  3. Your arms and shoulders should be kept as relaxed as possible.  Feel your shoulders sink lower as you breathe.
  4. Interlace your fingers and rest them on your belly.
  5. Inhale slowly and steadily through your nose; exhale at the same rate.
  6. Make no attempt to rush your breathing.  Try in a relaxed manner to increase the volume and length of each breath.
  7. Keep your eyes relaxed, unfocused, and (preferably) open.  Feel the powerful chi flowing through your body.

And remember the Office Feng Shui mantra: To clear your mind, clear your workspace.

Bay Area PSI Seminars Graduate Dances Her Way Around the World

Our PSI Seminars San Francisco team recently received this testimonial from one of their grads:

I hope you will pass this on to anyone interested in the results I have created in my life since taking the Basic, PSI7, WLS and PLD.

Celebrate-2010postcardSince moving to New York 3 years ago I was invited to dance in a contemporary dance company here called the Steps Repertory Ensemble.  I had the opportunity to work with choreographers that I have been wanting to work with for my entire dance career.  Donald Byrd being one of them (the job I almost booked during PLD).  I had original works created on me as well as classic works of art set on myself and the other company members. This was truly a dream job.

It only got better when I was one of only 2 company members asked to travel to South Africa to be a part of a cultural exchange program with Cape Town’s Ikapa Dance Theatre.  In Cape Town we created a collaborative work with the company as well as teaching in the townships of Nianga, Kilicha and Guguletu, working with children who had far less than those we worked with at Camp Choice.

4dc2817cd32c56It was truly an eye opening and rewarding project.  The entire company returned to Cape Town that year to perform with Ikapa Dance Theatre in a collaborative dance concert called Fuse.  Shortly after, Kyle and I (the other company member asked to teach on the first trip) launched an outreach program in New York City teaching dance 2 days a week to 3 and 4 year-old under-served youth at a center called The Hudson Guild.  Together, 8 company members from Steps taught 8 classes a week.  The program will continue into next year.

In December of last year I signed with the best dance agent in New York, McDonald Selsnick Associates (MSA), and have been working through them on more commercial, theatrical and television dance projects. (Where the money is!) Including a TV special with Liza Minelli!

Zorro_the_musicalAbout a month ago I booked an International tour of Zorro The Musical.  I’ve been rehearsing in Tel Aviv, Israel for 2 weeks and will stay here to finish rehearsals and previews until mid October.  We then travel to Shanghai, China for tech rehearsals and a grand opening of this revamped production of the West End musical.  We will then tour throughout China for the next year.

Booking Zorro was really the reason I felt like I should write. I’m so grateful for the education I have received through PSI Seminars.  I can’t begin to say how valuable it is in my everyday life.  I continue to grow professionally and personally.  I really feel like I have the ability to be honest with myself about who it is I want to be, what I want and what is keeping me from getting there.  My accomplishments have come with plenty of downfalls, but from each I have learned something about myself and the process.  I still set goals almost every 90 days.

On a personal note, I have the most amazing, loving and supportive boyfriend in the world.  He is coming to visit me in Tel Aviv next month and in China next year. Hope everything is well in SF.  I wanted to express my gratitude for the support and leadership you have shown in the past few years.  Thank you for everything Bay Area Team!

Lots of Love,

Sara H. – Bay Area Graduate

Congratulations, Sara! We look forward to many more great things from you.

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