Five Tips on Mastering the Screen of the Mind

Our PSI Tip this month comes from Shawn Davison.  He was one of the graduates who offered some insight on the April teleseminar.  He described 5 tips on how he personally mastered the Screen of the Mind technique.  We found them very valuable and wanted to make sure we passed them on to all of our grads. 

1)  Have a specific time and place that you use your screen of the mind.  If you create a habit of daily use it is easier to get into the flow of the process.

2) In order to visualize the colors as you begin to relax and see the colors, visualize something that reminds you of the color.  For instance, for the color yellow you might think of a banana or Aspen trees perhaps. 

3) Get clear about the perfect end result in advance.  The more clarity you have before you begin the process the faster you can visualize what it is you want. 

4) Really feel the feeling of being, doing or having what you want.  What would it feel like to be driving in the new car or holding hands with that new relationship.  The more feeling you have attached to it the more likely you are to manifest what you desire. 

5) Use it in all areas of your life.  You can use it to resolve resentment, to create outcomes that you desire, and to manifest opportunities. 

The bottom line is to get in the habit of using the Screen of the Mind to create the life you desire.  It can become a very valuable tool.  Remember the work works when you work it!

Oh, I couldn’t do that….What would they think about me?

            It is a fear that is sometimes paralyzing: What will they think of me?  It has driven many a creative person into the doldrums of common living.  This fear has squashed more dreams and damaged more people’s self esteem than most other fears combined.

            Think back to a time in your life when you efforts or dreams have been hampered by your fear of popular opinion.  When this happens, you are caught in the middle of true self and public self.  For many people, public self wins most every time.

            The court of public opinion is a very strong entity.  It can try you and convict you before your know what hit you.  Can you imagine the number of inventions, cures, artistic creations, literature, and social programs that have gone untried because of fear of what others would think of the idea?

            The fear of what others think can cause a frightening phenomenon in your life.  It can cause you to censor what you think, what you feel, what you really want to do because someone may think it is foolhardy or inappropriate.

            Censoring means that you did not say what you wanted to say at that meeting last week because no one else had ever said anything like it before.  Censoring yourself means that you decided not to take that class in sculpting because none of your friends had ever done it before.  Censoring means that you chose not to follow your dream of opening your own little café because many people told you it would not work.

            Censoring yourself is basically a death sentence of sorts.  You literally kill off parts of your most creative self and, little by little, your self-esteem and you true self dies alongside it.

            After you have conquered your fear of what others may think and have made the decision to live your true, creative self, you may find yourself on the cusp of greatness.  Living in true creativity will allow you to go, see, think, do, feel, and experience what other have not.

            Perhaps you want (or need) to be more creative at work or at home and you’re stuck; things will just not come to you.  A great tip to jumpstart your brain is to think backward.  Instead of trying to find a creative answer, you may need to start with a creative question.  Great philosophers have long known that the question is often more important than the answer. 

            The truth is it doesn’t matter what they think.  What others think of you is none of your business.  Focus your energy on what you want and get busy living your dreams.

The 3 Ways to Listen


It is only through listening that you learn,

and I never want to stop learning. ~Drew Barrymore

Do you think you’re a good listener? Are you either agreeing or disagreeing with what someone is saying instead of truly hearing what they have to say? Would you like to learn a few techniques to take your personal and professional conversations to another level? Explore how to truly listen and be with the important people in your life as we discuss the three ways of listening taught in the Basic Seminar. This simple tool is the key to mastering effective communication.

On this episode of the PSI Seminars Podcast we discussed…..

  • How to improve your personal and professional relationships
  • Understanding the 3 different ways you can listen in a conversation
  • Being the person that people identify as the “best listener” in their life


You will hear from other grads that have successfully applied these principals to their life, and have created powerful results in their relationships as a direct result of using this technique.

Plus get your questions answered live.


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