PSI Seminars Phoenix Graduates Organize A Mammoth Renovation Project For School

Calderwood Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona received a much-needed makeover thanks to local PSI Seminars graduates.  Earlier this month, hundreds of grads organized a mammoth renovation project for the area school which was established as an alternative classroom for children with learning difficulties.

“Normally, these kids are not able to be successful in the regular classroom and may be in situations where they would be expelled and punished for their behavior, when in reality what they just need is some extra attention and care,” said David Sloan, the volunteer coordinator. Furthermore, “the students at Calderwood deserve the same resources and support as other students.”

PSI graduates bestowed an estimated $200,000 worth of labor, equipment, and discounted materials for the Calderwood overhaul. Sloan expressed that the “volunteers were happy to bring together their skills and resources to encourage success for the Calderwood kids.” Their efforts included painting and carpeting five portable classroom and office buildings, creating two new garden spaces, adding technology equipment to the classrooms, and purchasing library books and physical education equipment.

“This is a huge life lesson that I’ve just learned through this whole process,” Sloan said. “I’ve been totally amazed and blown away at people’s willingness to contribute.”

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PSI Seminars Bay Area Service Projects

PSI Seminars Bay Area graduates work together to make an impact on their community.  In addition to supplying food and clothing to local homeless shelters, PSI grads raised $16,000 and collected 10,000 toys for neighborhood children.  PSI Seminars has been making a positive difference locally and globally since 1973.

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