The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Do you pay attention to the words you’re telling yourself?

A very special episode of the PSI Seminars Podcast with PSI Co-Founder Jane C. Willhite at

Imagine a busy café with one cook in the kitchen… the cook will prepare anything you ask for, all the server has to do is write it on the ticket and ring the little bell on the counter *ding *ding.

Ask the server for anything you desire and just listen to the bell… this is exactly what happens when you think to yourself “I want a new car” or “I want a bigger house”. Just like in the café, you can have anything you want, as long as you don’t change the order before your dish has been finished!

Now imagine you’re in the café and you’ve called over the server to order a promotion at work… watch how quickly they write out the order [*ding *ding]! As you’re waiting for the cook to prepare your order, you glance outside the window and see someone riding a brand new motorcycle… so you think to yourself “I want to take some time off and ride around the country”… *ding *ding, the server has changed your order!

On this special episode, hear PSI Co-Founder and CEO Jane C. Willhite on the PSI Podcast so you can…

–         Get clear on what you want

–         Design an action-plan in alignment with your goals

–         Commit to the end result until you achieve it!

Your mind is like the short-order cook at the little café… and you can cook up anything you can dream!

45 Incredible Years

The PSI Seminars
45th Anniversary Celebration

45 Years of achievement, growth, abundance, and liberty – Here’s to many, many more!

October marked a gigantic milestone for PSI as we celebrated the 45th Anniversary since Tom and Jane Willhite created PSI World Seminars from their kitchen table… oh how far we’ve come!

For seven days at High Valley Ranch, over 500 Leadership Seminar graduates and PSI employees gathered to celebrate this momentous anniversary and all of the achievements made by the hundreds of thousands of incredible PSI grads over the last four decades!

The 45th Anniversary Seminar presented PSI with an opportunity to introduce students to some of the most challenging – and rewarding – work ever presented by PSI Seminars and WOW! When PSI grads show up, they really show up! It was an honor to bear witness to astounding growth and discoveries throughout the week, culminating in a gorgeous Gala themed in beautiful hues of blue for this sapphire anniversary!

A week which began as many grads’ first peak at the recently fire scorched ranch, turned into an opportunity for hundreds of leaders to give of themselves… in mere hours, the outdoor events at High Valley Ranch were transformed from a once smoldering heap of wood and wire, to safe and usable ropes events for incoming PSI-7 teams and so many others. It is so impressive to watch a group of highly committed men and women work together in synergy towards a goal with such far-reaching implications!

The 45th Anniversary was a heck of a lot of fun too! Countless laughs were shared in the week’s team scavenger hunt (congrats to team “Winner Winner Lobster Dinner”!) as well as a ton of memorable dance moves!

Speaking of milestones… we even set a new Guinness World Record for the world’s Longest Trust Fall Relay, with over three hundred PSI grads successfully participating! (Did you get your certificate yet?)

Even Bob Proctor and Kelly Poulos joined the celebration via video, and we are so excited to spend time with them both in person at The Secrets to Peak Performance with everyone who already took the next step in their growth by enrolling for 2019’s Next-10 Level-Up!

We couldn’t imagine concluding this amazing week in any other way than having a party for the ages! With the tent, employees, and grads all decked out in every hue-of-blue you can imagine, we tore the roof off! Dinner, dancing, and prizes… if you weren’t there, you definitely missed out!

If you haven’t already committed to being at next year’s Next-10 Level-Up… what are you waiting for? We’ll be there and want YOU to be too!

Smoke, Flames, & Miracles

The Mendocino Complex Fire Reaches High Valley Ranch

“Sometimes a miracle occurs and your white light, prayers,
whatever you choose to call it, make a difference!!”
~Jane C. Willhite, PSI Co-Founder

On July 27th, 2018, on the second to last day of PSI-7 Team 574’s Life Success Course, a fire broke out in Mendocino County, California – more than 15 miles from High Valley Ranch in Lake County.

By July 28th as Team 574 departed High Valley Ranch, the sky was thick with smoke and the odor of a raging wildfire was all consuming leading to PSI World’s Camp Choice being relocated to another site.

For the first time in 45 years, PSI Seminars made the difficult decision to cancel the scheduled Men’s Leadership Seminar. With the unpredictable nature of wildfires, safety was our top priority.

From all around the world, PSI graduates were glued to the updates coming from fire stricken Northern California.

For 7 days we watched the fire line from the Mendocino Complex Fire – the largest wildfire in California history – move ever closer to High Valley and Clearlake Oaks.

Leaders from all corners of the globe created Master Mind groups and for days upon days, the thoughts, prayers, and eyes of tens of thousands of people were on High Valley Ranch and the surrounding community.

On the morning of August 4th, the Cal Fire map showed the fire line crossing into High Valley and for a moment, it felt as though all hope was lost… If you’ve met many PSI grads, you know when it comes to the PSI Community, anything and everything is possible!

We knew, no matter what, PSI would persevere, not because of the ranch… because of the commitment of the incredible group of people we are blessed to call graduates! Positive vibes and well wishes continued to pour in, offers of help were received, and food and supplies were donated to our Lake County neighbors.

The next morning, on August 5th, miraculous news was received! Thanks to the outstanding bravery of the men and women fighting the fire, all of the buildings on High Valley Ranch were saved!

In the coming days, as we were allowed access to the property, the marks left by this devastating blaze were clear… Some of the hills blackened, many of the trees, and much of the ground still smoldering… albeit slightly singed, the stars and stripes continued to fly at Casa Montana, and the view from the top of the hill into High Valley was as beautiful as ever. All of the neighboring properties were saved and the sun was beginning to peak through the smoke filled sky once again.

Last weekend, a group of amazing and dedicated PSI Leadership grads assembled at the ranch to be of service. With a unified goal of returning safety and functionality to the outdoor events, they spent two days pouring themselves into the physical labor required for such a job.

No task was too great for these incredible volunteers! Trees, boulders, damaged walkways, and shade structures were removed to make way for new materials, and the grounds were cleared of ash for the coming students.

For over 45 years, PSI Seminars has supported hundreds of thousands of people around the world in transforming their lives. For more than 4 decades, High Valley Ranch has been the center of our advanced courses and has become a beacon of hope, excitement, and growth for thousands upon thousands of people who have passed through the gates, and we are thrilled to say High Valley Ranch is open for business once again!

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