PSI Seminars facilitator Courtland Warren talks about Personal Power

Personal Power

The key to happier, more fulfilling and wealthy life experiences lies is within this ideal of personal power. But what is personal power? Personal power is the ability to cause or prevent an action in your own life. Therefore, you are only powerless when you cannot act.

On last night’s PSI Teleseminar, we joined Courtland Warren to explore the meaning of personal power. We looked at how to determine when you have it, and when you don’t. From there, we examined the four key mindsets that can help you achieve personal power:

Great Personal Integrity – Do what you say you are going to do, keep your word, especially to yourself.

High Social and Moral Purpose – Know that you are here for a reason and make decisions that are in alignment with your life’s purpose being fulfilled.

Understand That Nothing is Missing – Recognize that you have everything you need within yourself to transform your life.

Think Independently – Your greatest tool is to be able to think independently of your current circumstance, to be able to picture your desired outcome and create something different.

Live your life under the context that life is not happening to you, but for you. As Courtland reminds us, “understand that your ability to cause or to prevent an action from happening in your life is what personal power is. It is within you.”

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3 Tools for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs have the power to influence your feelings, which in turn dictate your actions, which create your results. So if you’re not getting the results you want in any area of life, begin to create change by examining your beliefs.

Throughout the journey of life, people experience events that lead to the development of limiting beliefs. If a little boy doesn’t make the cut for the baseball team, he may internalize that to mean something about him, such as “I am not good enough”. If that belief goes unchecked, he may bring “I’m not good enough” into his approach to school, work, relationships, and more throughout his life.

People who believe “I am not good enough” aren’t likely to set big goals or take the steps to achieve them, so limited thinking leads to limited living.

1. Identify the Source of the Belief

Go back as far as you can to identify where you first picked up a pattern of negative thinking. For most people, these beliefs were developed as the result of an event in childhood.

Identifying the source of the belief can help you separate the event from the story you told yourself about what it means. You’ll begin to recognize that you may still be operating under the assumptions made by your six-year old self!

2. Develop Awareness

When you click an icon to open an application on your computer, you’re telling the computer program to run. It doesn’t question why; it just does it every time. Your beliefs influence your actions in the same way. A girl whose father left the family may may interpret that to mean she wasn’t lovable. She’ll grow into a woman who doesn’t believe she’s lovable and will consistently choose men who reinforce this belief.

Once you are aware of the program that is running, you have the power to stop it. You have the power to think for yourself and make your own decisions.

3. Replace Negative Beliefs with Positive Ones

Don’t underestimate the power of positive affirmations when used consistently! In PSI Seminars, we call this the “I AM”. What are your I AM statements?

Once you’ve identified those beliefs which do not serve you, you can begin replacing them with ones that do through the power of suggestion. Start each day by declaring the man or woman you aspire to be and end each evening grateful for having been that person and within 30 days, you will notice a change.

A simple way to accomplish this is to list I AM statements and say them out loud. Saying them isn’t enough though; you also have to feel them. Take a moment to feel what it’s like to be courageous or beautiful or successful or any of the other I AMs that will support you in becoming your best self.


The very first step to achieving the extraordinary is conceiving it. It is through the imagination that ideas are first inspired, “hunches” are received, and problems solved. If you’ve been struggling to achieve a goal or are wondering what your next step should be, look no further than your imagination.

Much like a muscle, this incredible faculty can be developed and strengthened through effective use. For this episode of the PSI Seminars Podcast, we’re thrill to delve in with an exploration of imagination!

Be a part of this fun and engaging episode to learn how you can unlock the secret to success known by business leaders, best-selling authors, artists, and entrepreneurs alike.

Find out what’s possible when you dream big and let your imagination run wild!

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