PSI Seminars Cult Controversies And Other Fallacies

PSI Seminars Cult Controversies and Other Fallacies


PSI Seminars has been in business for over 40 years, providing what many experts consider the best personal growth classes available. By utilizing the information in our classes, attendants are empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Many have gone on to create amazing results and live their dreams.


However, as with anything that is popular and attracts a great deal of attention, there is negative press along with the positive.


One of these negative claims is centered around PSI Seminars cult controversies and other strange fallacies. Let’s take a look at what this strange controversy is actually about.


A cult is, by definition, a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. Many have sinister – or at the very least – misguided intent. They are typically led by one charismatic and convincing figurehead. Cults require people to essentially give their lives over to the cult – surrender all possessions, adhere to strict rules, even give a percentage of their income to the cult. This is in no way whatsoever how PSI operates.


PSI has several trained facilitators, and hundreds of thousands of individuals have graduated our classes, yet there is no almighty leader. PSI is a for-profit company and charges a fee to attendants for taking classes. There is no demand to sign over any amount of money for anything other than taking our classes. Just as you would pay a college to attend classes, students pay to attend our classes.


The only “rules” in place are agreements stated during the classes, and all participants are given the option of choosing in or choosing out. Furthermore, those agreements are only in place to ensure a positive seminar experience. One such agreement that participants make is to maintain confidentiality of others words and actions in the seminar room. This is so people can feel safe expressing themselves. Another agreement is not to talk while someone else is sharing. Once again, this is so the person sharing feels safe and respected, and so that other participants may benefit from hearing that share.


Does that make PSI seminars cult-like? No, not at all.


Unlike a cult, attendants of our classes are free to do as they please. Students may participate in an exercise or choose not to. During the Basic Seminar, there are breaks every hour and a half to two hours, however students are free to leave the room and take care of personal needs whenever they choose.


A volunteer graduate typically sits by the door to mitigate any disturbances during the class and especially while a student is sharing. At no time are any doors locked. At no time are people told they’re not allowed to leave. On the contrary, we encourage students to address their personal needs so that they can be fully present in the class.


“Cult” has become a popular buzzword, often thrown around when an individual dislikes a group of people or organization. While it is true that many of our graduates form lasting connections and friendships and choose to practice the PSI principles and philosophies, there is nothing cult-like about PSI Seminars. There is no compound, no overlord, no sacrifice, no monetary demand, no stripping of identity. There is only a company committed to world peace, one mind at a time, and graduates of our classes who have experienced the benefits of using our tools and techniques.

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