PSI Seminars facilitator Courtland Warren talks about Personal Power

Personal Power

The key to happier, more fulfilling and wealthy life experiences lies is within this ideal of personal power. But what is personal power? Personal power is the ability to cause or prevent an action in your own life. Therefore, you are only powerless when you cannot act.

On last night’s PSI Teleseminar, we joined Courtland Warren to explore the meaning of personal power. We looked at how to determine when you have it, and when you don’t. From there, we examined the four key mindsets that can help you achieve personal power:

Great Personal Integrity – Do what you say you are going to do, keep your word, especially to yourself.

High Social and Moral Purpose – Know that you are here for a reason and make decisions that are in alignment with your life’s purpose being fulfilled.

Understand That Nothing is Missing – Recognize that you have everything you need within yourself to transform your life.

Think Independently – Your greatest tool is to be able to think independently of your current circumstance, to be able to picture your desired outcome and create something different.

Live your life under the context that life is not happening to you, but for you. As Courtland reminds us, “understand that your ability to cause or to prevent an action from happening in your life is what personal power is. It is within you.”

If you missed all or part of the call, or if you just want to listen to it again, the replay is now available on iTunes and at where you’ll also find archives of the past teleseminars.

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The Power of “I am”

In the Basic Seminar, students learn that there is no concept more critical to success than the “I am”. What follows those two small words dictates what you believe about yourself, how you show up in the world, and what results you create. It is the foundation upon which the teachings of PSI Seminars were built.

Our thoughts create our reality. Our words create our world. What are the statements that you repeat to yourself? Are they supporting you in achieving your goals, or are they hindering you? Are your beliefs about yourself in alignment with what you say you want? There is no better way to to gauge this than by examining your results.

Pay close attention to your “I am” statements. If you find that yours are not serving you, immediately replace them with ones that do, even if you don’t believe them in the moment. Upon repeating them enough times, you may just catch yourself believing them and noticing that your results reflect this new-found empowerment. Continue reading The Power of “I am”…

PSI Teleseminar September 11th, 2012

Ask Jane
You can make a difference in this world and it begins with you being a Leader of Self. ~ Jane Willhite

When you have a question about human potential, who do you ask?

You ask someone who knows. And that’s why PSI is happy to announce a brand new teleseminar, Ask Jane!

Jane Willhite, co-founder of PSI Seminars and a pioneer in the human potential movement, is hosting a special event to answer YOUR biggest questions about your own potential.

Jane and her husband Tom Willhite founded PSI Seminars in 1973. Tom passed away 10 years later, and Jane took the helm at PSI. Since then, she has proven herself a thought leader in the personal development industry, and she has become a trusted adviser to many experts in personal growth.
Continue reading PSI Teleseminar September 11th, 2012…

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