5 Characteristics of Leaders

There are many defining characteristics of leaders. As leaders can take many forms, from a business executive leading her company to a father leading his family to an individual passionate about raising awareness on a topic of social concern, you will see these traits exhibited in a variety if ways and to various degrees. What remains common, however, is that when called forth, every leader displays these qualities.

Definite Goal or Cause All leaders have a definite goal or cause which they support. They see this goal as bigger than themselves and commit their lives to fulfilling it.

Self-Confidence Self-confidence refers to feelings about own powers and abilities. Leaders have trust in their abilities.

Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is an attitude and feeling about life. Enthusiastic people display strong, positive, excited feelings.

Persistence The ability to stay on course despite opposition or failure is known as persistence. Leaders persist until their definite goal or cause is achieved.

Creativity & Imagination Everyone faces challenges. Leaders use creativity and imaginative thinking to overcome these challenges and prevail.

How are you displaying these qualities in your life?

Typically, the more pronounced these traits are, the more successful a person is as a leader. Look to your results to see where you can improve and take the lead in your life!

Tips on Forming a Mastermind Group

Thomas Willhite asserted that the key to all power lies within the creation of a Mastermind. You create your own Mastermind whenever you align the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. When you unite with others experiencing that same alignment, and the power is unconquerable.

Marriages, families, businesses, sports teams, friendships and more can be Masterminds. In fact, the Mastermind can be activated whenever two or more minds are brought together and blended in harmony. With a blending of the minds at the conscious and sub-conscious level, the superconscious mind is accessed and the Mastermind is formed.

The effects of the Mastermind include being in the right place at the right time, attracting the right people with the right skills, sudden inspirations, and scenarios too perfect to chock up to coincidence. In short, creation of the Mastermind supports you in manifesting a goal in the shortest amount of time. Continue reading Tips on Forming a Mastermind Group…

The Power of “I am”

In the Basic Seminar, students learn that there is no concept more critical to success than the “I am”. What follows those two small words dictates what you believe about yourself, how you show up in the world, and what results you create. It is the foundation upon which the teachings of PSI Seminars were built.

Our thoughts create our reality. Our words create our world. What are the statements that you repeat to yourself? Are they supporting you in achieving your goals, or are they hindering you? Are your beliefs about yourself in alignment with what you say you want? There is no better way to to gauge this than by examining your results.

Pay close attention to your “I am” statements. If you find that yours are not serving you, immediately replace them with ones that do, even if you don’t believe them in the moment. Upon repeating them enough times, you may just catch yourself believing them and noticing that your results reflect this new-found empowerment. Continue reading The Power of “I am”…

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