The Three R’s


“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”

~ Jack Canfield ~


There’s a negative process of thinking and acting that can be the downfall of even the best relationships.

The process we’re talking about occurs in 3 stages, and we call it The Three R’s.

First stage: RESENTMENT.

Resentment can occur so fast you may not even realize it… Someone breaks their word to you, another driver cuts you off on the freeway, or anytime a situation isn’t the way you think it should be.

Second stage: RESISTANCE.

Resistance is happening when you begin cutting off communication… or to put it another way, it’s when you start to put up your walls.

Resistance can be even more subtle too. It may be when you hold back, or when you don’t give your all to a situation.

Have you ever heard the phrase “what you resist persists”? Think about it. When has digging your heels in gotten you the results you were after?

Third stage: REVENGE.

Take a moment and bring to mind a time in your life where you took revenge. What happened to bring you to this stage of the process? Did taking revenge on someone else bring you peace? Afterwards, did you feel better or did you end up causing harm?

When you take revenge on someone else, The Three R’s will usually then begin in the other person! It’s a cycle with no end… until YOU CHOOSE to end it.

Consider yourself challenged.

The next time you find yourself feeling resentment, take a moment… Do something to interrupt the process. Take a breath. Understanding the Three R’s, you now have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Put this into practice starting now and you could start to see positive results in your life.

Perhaps you’ve heard a saying like:What you put out, you get back” or “what goes around comes around”… what these don’t say is that it doesn’t necessarily come back from the same source…

Sometimes we hold the most resentment against ourselves… so what’s the solution?

The process of The Three R’s often hurts you more than the person you’re feeling resentment towards… the answer is forgiveness. Forgiveness for them, AND for you.


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PSI Seminars Area Director Teresa Corbitt talks about Personal Integrity

Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is the quality of being honest with yourself and others, and living in a manner which is consistent with your values, purpose and goals. The first step to living with integrity is self-awareness. The better you understand yourself, the easier it is to make choices that are congruent with your beliefs.

  • Know yourself. Have a vision for your life that guides your thoughts and actions.
  • Speak your truth. Be honest with yourself and others.
  • Keep your word. Build healthy, supportive relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

It is your inner thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that determine who you are. Listen to this podcast episode and discover how true integrity comes from within.

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Create Liberty in Your Life

How to Locate the Key to Unlocking Your Potential So You Can Create Liberty in Your Life

“Liberty is the Ultimate Goal of This Life Experience” ~Tom Willhite


From the Life Success Manuscripts from your PSI7/Life Success Course:

“Liberty is the ultimate goal of mankind.  The formula for achieving Liberty has been given over and over again throughout recorded history.  Yet few have heard the message…”

If you were granted one wish, and only one, what would it be?

Wealth, power, wisdom, love, Liberty?

What you choose to concentrate on with all your mental power will in fact be created.  So choose carefully.  This is not a flight of fancy – it is reality.

For me there is only one thing I truly want above all others and that is Liberty.  This is the ability to be the conscious architect of your environment, your experiences and yourself.  You alone are in control and responsible for what you create.

I believe total Liberty for all mankind is the goal of this earth experiences.

By practicing the principles contained in these concepts, my wife and I have grown so much.  We have manifested many of the material things we want:  Condominiums in resort cities, airplanes, luxury cars.

Notice I did not say we owned all these things.  Rather we “have” them.  We “have the right to use” them.  Some things we do own of course, but not everything.  Ownership is not necessary.

For example, if I have the use of a yacht anytime I wish, what does it matter if I own it?  Liberty does not depend on material wealth.  Rather it is the power to have what you want when you want to have it.  Ownership of the thing is immaterial.

Through following the concept of rendering serviced to others, we have been able to expand our lives.  We often travel to various parts of the world, meeting fascinating people, making loyal friends and taking part in the positive changes of our time.  This is not the result of political power but instead the result of responsible personal power.

Many people confuse “freedom” and “Liberty.”  Freedom is the right to choose among alternatives.  In reality, everyone has this freedom.

For some people however, the consequences of their choices are out of proportion.  If by choosing not to work, a person forfeits their life, then although they have the freedom to do so, it is rather limited.

We generally use the word “freedom” to mean the right to choose when the consequences of choosing are proportionate to the choice.  Liberty on the other hand, is the power to do and be as you please.

Whereas everybody has the freedom to choose, few have the Liberty to do and be as they please.  This is because Liberty is always self-earned.  It is the result of the choices you make.

No one can give you Liberty.  You must create it yourself.

pathtolibertyYou can now get the audio version of the Life Success Manuscripts and hear Tom Willhite’s teachings on creating Liberty as well as his teachings on…

  • Overcoming your Fears
  • Harnessing your Desires to get what you truly want in life
  • Creating Abundance in all areas of your life
  • Manifesting your Vision

So grab your audio version of Tom Willhite’s Path to Liberty from The Life Success course here:

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In the Life Success Manuscripts from your PSI7/Life Success Course, Tom Willhite goes on to explain how each personality type is represented by the Four Horsemen:

  • The rider of the Pale Horse, who lives in the physical realm and lives for physical sensations.
  • The rider of the Red Horse, who lets their emotions control them.
  • The rider the Black Horse who lives in the intellect and is controlled by their sense of lack.

The final archetype is the rider of the White Horse, representing the spiritual nature of man.

“In this horse lie the solutions to all problems.”

Tom continues…

This horse, which is the color of purity and light, goes forth to conquer.  Riders of the White Horse must realize and demonstrate the infinite power, the I AM power, the universal mind, God.

This must be first in their lives, for the White Horse is the spiritual aspect of us all.  To put this infinite power first means to become totally in tune with the superconscious.  To put aside limits, to know and trust your inner voice.

For those who do this, the reward is a crown (victory) and a bow (accomplishment).  The White Horse rider puts the spiritual first.  Very few indeed, ride this horse.

Which horse are you riding?  Pale, Red, Black or White?  The answer is evident by the results in your life.

Do you suffer from health problems, poverty, a feeling of discomfort or loss?

Does your life seem out of control with lots of ups and downs, torn feelings and depressions?

Is your life a disillusionment, a disappointment where there seems to be no meaning?

Is your life a life of Liberty, full of health, wealth and peace of mind?

You may find you ride all the horses.  The question is which horse do you ride predominantly?  Identify that horse and you can locate the key to unlocking your potential.

The story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse shows you the way to Liberty.  If you want health, happiness, prosperity and above all, Liberty, You must ride the White Horse – There is no other way.

How do you get off a Pale, Red or Black Horse and onto the White Horse?

pathtolibertyTom’s answers are in your Life Success Manuscripts from your PSI7/Life Success Course.

You can now get the audio version of the Life Success Manuscripts and hear Tom Willhite’s teachings on creating Liberty as well as his teachings on…

  • Overcoming your Fears
  • Harnessing your Desires to get what you truly want in life
  • Creating Abundance in all areas of your life
  • Manifesting your Vision

So grab your audio version of Tom Willhite’s Path to Liberty from The Life Success course here:

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