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Are you a good listener?

The truth is most people never slow down enough to really listen to another person, not just to what they are saying on the surface, but what the deeper meaning is to what they are really saying.

One of the key elements to success is to be a good listener – at PSI we have a powerful tool called the three ways to listen – this tool will help you…

  • Learn a simple technique that can transform all your relationships
  • Improve your relationships with your children
  • Be more effective with clients, employees or your employer
  • Improve your relationship with your life partner
  • Enhance your communication skills both personally & professionally

You’ll hear from other grads who have successfully applied these tools to their life.  Plus get your questions answered live.

We look forward to re-connecting with you and helping you achieve an extraordinary life.

Jane Willhite

Founder and CEO – PSI Seminars


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  1. I am looking forward to this telesiminar! I am going through some trying times in my life right now and looking for any positive directions to ease the pains and stress in my life.

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