Leadership Through Responsibility

A “leader” can simply be defined as someone who takes responsibility for his or her thoughts, actions, and results. While it sounds simple, this concept has the profound power to liberate you from patterns of thinking that don’t serve you and from letting circumstances or the will of others dictate your outcome.

Being a leader is not always easy, yet when you experience the fulfillment of knowing you created the results in your life and have the power to change them, being a leader is totally worth it!

On this episode of the PSI Seminars Podcast, we explore what it takes to be a leader, both of self and of others; why every great leader is first a great follower; and what traits are consistent among effective leaders that could support you in living a more purposeful and peaceful life.

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Be, Do, Have it All!

If you listen to most people talk about the things they want, whether money, a relationship, or chiseled abs, you’ll notice that they say things like, “when I have _____, I’ll be/do _____”. When I have chiseled abs, I’ll be confident in my appearance. When I have a relationship, I’ll be happy. When I have money, I’ll go see the world.

Unfortunately these people have it backwards. It isn’t by having things that we can be and do what we truly desire. On the contrary, doing and having the things you truly desire depends on how you BE. If you want to make a lot of money, attract a fulfilling relationship, or get your body in peak physical shape, you first need to display the beingnesses that will attract those things into your life.

What are the qualities you need to display to get what you want? Continue reading Be, Do, Have it All!…

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