Giving from Your Overflow

At Principia 2011, best-selling author, Lisa Nichols, shared an insight that when applied has the power to transform your life, allowing you to be more effective in every area. This concept can support you in achieving balance and feeling energized, rather than drained, by life’s demands.

Lisa used a pitcher of water, a glass, and a tray to demonstrate this powerful concept. First, she filled the glass with water from the pitcher. Then, she poured water from the glass into the tray. The glass, again empty, was then refilled and poured into the tray once more. Lisa asserted that if you give from your cup, you deplete your own supply of energy and vitality. You have to wait to refill before you can give again. Next, Lisa filled the cup one last time, yet this time, she kept pouring and let the water spill out into the tray. If you give from your overflow, Lisa explained, you give from a place of limitless abundance. You create a dynamic in which you can give to others by giving to yourself.

Have you ever given so much to others that you felt drained of your own resources? Give from your overflow! Continue reading Giving from Your Overflow…

Balancing Your Personal Growth

Just how important is balance to your personal growth?

Imagine a car traveling down the road on four tires all filled with a different amount of air. The ride would be bumpy and prevent the car from achieving the speed and handling of which it is capable. Eventually the strain of the imbalance would cause a tire to burst.

Your life works the same way, relying on balance for a smooth ride. Instead of four tires, you have four natures of being to balance – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. When there is balance, you can move in the direction of success with greater ease and unleash your true potential.

To bring your life into balance means to get things back into perspective based on spiritual awareness. Is your life in harmony with your purpose, or are there areas that could be strengthened or approached differently?

Take a personal inventory of your life to see which side or sides could be strengthened to bring you into balance.

Mental – career, creativity, learning, wealth
Emotional – feelings, relationships, self-expression
Physical – body, health, wellness
Spiritual – being of service, connection to source, leadership

When these areas of your life are balanced, you can set goals in alignment with your highest values, achieve them with greater ease, and enjoy the rewards of increased fulfillment and peace of mind.

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