Too Wrapped Up in the Holidays? – 5 Tips for Skating Through with Style & Grace

 The holiday season, which launches during the week of Thanksgiving and continues through New Year’s Day, can conjure a feeling of depression and lack for many people.  It can mean unwanted guests, overeating, over spending, and just plain stress.  In order to turn those feelings of stress and the blues into something more welcome…. like smiles, laughter and love, look for ways to be outward focused, contributing, and  “giving back” to others in their time of need. 

 To reduce your overall stress, we have a few tips that we would like to offer.  Cheers…..


The first thing we suggest is to breathe.  When you start to feel overwhelmed, just sit down and take a few minutes – well 17 minutes to be exact.  As we know from the Basic Seminar, a Relaxation Cycle of 17 minutes can give you the equivalent of three (3) hours of sleep.  Often we get worked up just thinking about what is ahead versus just relaxing and breathing into it.  What we “project” into a situation is usually far worse than the actual experience. 


They say we are what we eat or it’s your diet stupid.  The holidays can cause us to eat things we would not normally put in our bodies.  Do not abandon your good eating habits.  If you know you are heading to a holiday party we suggest eating a small healthy snack and drinking water prior to the party.  This will provide you with a feeling of already being full and reduce the likelihood of over-indulging. 


If your family can not be together during the holidays, or if you are in a new relationship with new traditions and family members, acknowledge your feelings about these stressful issues.  The sooner you accept that you are dealing with new and stressful feelings and that it is OK to feel this way, the sooner you can move on to accepting the situation for what it is.  You can’t force yourself to be happy during the holidays but you can learn to accept your feelings and move on. 


Before you step out of the house make a list of the things you intend to purchase and the people you plan to buy a gift for.  The stores and clerks are armed and ready with sales and smiles to entice you into spending money on something you just don’t need.  Remember that retailers have been planning for you to visit for several months now!  They have had meetings and built strategies around getting you to spend your money.  If you have a list and stick to it you can reduce your stress levels.

And last but certainly not least….


Saying yes to please someone can leave you feeling a bit of resentment.  As we know, resentment can leave you feeling tired, guilty, and can even make you sick.  This is the season to be jolly not resentful.  So save yourself and just say NO.  Your true friends will understand that you can’t attend every party. 

Don’t let the holiday season become something you dread and can’t wait for it to be behind you.  With a few simple steps and some positive thinking you can be on your way to enjoying this time of year and looking forward to the opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones. 

Holiday Blessings and Cheers to you and your loved ones!

Dori J. Locke

Creating A Solid Foundation For Your New Year Goals

Rediscover and Reconnect with the Tools to Create Better Relationships, Greater Abundance and More Balance in Your Life!

When the end of a year gets close and we realize we’re just a few more weeks away from singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Are you on track for what you want to create in your future? Do you have your Life Plan in place?

Since the foundation is the most important piece of any structure, wouldn’t it be great if you had a chance to put a solid foundation under that plan? Would you like to learn from a true visionary about establishing a plan and sticking to it?

On a special episode of the PSI Seminars Podcast, PSI Seminars co-founder Jane C. Willhite talked all about how to…

  • Build a solid foundation for the New Year
  • Set a goal and stick to it
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships

On the podcast, you will hear from other grads who have successfully applied these tools to their life. 


Hear this and many more episodes of the PSI Seminars Podcast at or find us on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts…

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