PSI Seminars Cult Controversies And Other Fallacies

PSI Seminars Cult Controversies and Other Fallacies


PSI Seminars has been in business for over 40 years, providing what many experts consider the best personal growth classes available. By utilizing the information in our classes, attendants are empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Many have gone on to create amazing results and live their dreams.


However, as with anything that is popular and attracts a great deal of attention, there is negative press along with the positive.


One of these negative claims is centered around PSI Seminars cult controversies and other strange fallacies. Let’s take a look at what this strange controversy is actually about.

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PSI Seminars Rip Off Their Customers

PSI Seminars Rips Off Their Customers? Absolutely Not!


Allegations that PSI Seminars is a Rip Off


What would you think of a company who has been in business for over forty years having never advertised? They must be doing something right, right?! Not only has PSI Seminars been providing classes for over forty years without advertising, we also boast a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate!


Unfortunately, that tiny 0.01% of people who are not happy with the results have taken it upon themselves to badmouth the PSI Seminars, calling us a cult and even saying PSI Seminars rips off their customers.


In order to dispel the myth that PSI Seminars rips off their customers, let’s take a look at how the costs actually work. This way, you will see that not only is it not a rip off, it is actually a fantastic deal.

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Common PSI Seminars Complaints

Common PSI Seminars Complaints


While it may be impossible for everybody to be happy with a product or service, PSI Seminars has come close. With a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating, one may say that we don’t need to even bother addressing the concerns of the .1% unhappy customers, yet we feel it’s important to explore their complaints against PSI Seminars in order to give peace of mind to those considering attending a PSI Seminar.


Some people have issued complaints because they thought taking the classes would “fix” them, get them the results they wanted without putting in the effort.  Others have found the classes to be too uncomfortable and out-of-the ordinary. Some have said it was too expensive. Then there are those who have simply made a complaint in order to get a refund. However the vast majorities of complaints against PSI Seminars, come from people who have never even taken our classes.


As a consumer considering purchasing a seat in one of our classes, it’s important to read reviews, especially complaints, yet perhaps more important to read how those complaints are dealt with. This will give you the peace of mind to know that PSI Seminars is a genuine company with a well-deserved, positive reputation.

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